Wednesday, 29 February 2012

finding my feet...

today is a leap day. it comes but once every four years...

following on from my exploration of fairisle design, i decided that stitching/embroidery would be the best way to go as knitting a fairisle pattern might be a bit beyond me at the moment.

much fun was had in mandors looking for suitable woven and mesh like materials and when it came to choosing threads i found myself a little overwhelmed by the vast choice of colours.

after what seemed like ages and felling a bit dizzy from running back and forth along the rack, i had a handful of colours. i was trying to think, 'right, fairisle... fairisle colours?' i'd hit a multi-coloured wall of embroidery threads... and then, when i least expected...

inspiration hit. i reached for my phone and found this picture of my croft in skye and it was then easy to find the colours i needed. standing there, with this picture in my hand i realised that everything i've done so far is linked to the croft in some way. it always sits in a corner of my mind somewhere, just waiting so i suppose it makes sense really. 

i left the croft when i was seven and i might not live there again until i'm seventy, but knowing that it will be a major theme in my future work keeps the dream alive... i love it when a plan comes together!

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