Sunday, 22 January 2012


spent the weekend, in various intervals, working on my art medals. its such a long process sawing and filing the bits that shouldn't be there. i've worn through and snapped so many blades, bronze is such a hard metal.

just a few snapped blades, the number doubled within an hour!

i have inhaled so much bronze dust i could sneeze a statue

but, i'm getting there, be it slowly and so, the limpet trio are pretty much done. its the big pebble one, that's in two halves that's causing the problems, the sprues were much thicker and therefor terribly difficult to get through, i'm currently using a combination of saw blades, fierce filing, sweat and swearing.

there are two of these, each with very thick, chunky sprues

as soon as i had removed the sprues from the three limpets, and took a step back i saw they finally looked and felt like they did when they were in their original wax forms

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  1. there's much to be said for the power of swearing ;o)